Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chanel Preston on the future of her biz

Over the past few weeks, I interviewed a whole host of people involved in the adult entertainment business, from producers to directors to actresses, for a big feature I was writing for The story is on the future of porn and I've attempted to touch on every aspect - I'll link to it here as soon as it's up, which I think is supposed to be either today or tomorrow.

The story kept me busy for the past few days so I haven't yet had a chance to blog on my experience at the Adult Video News awards, which was pretty surreal. I actually had to walk the red carpet along in front of a horde of fans, which means that many probably thought I was a porn star. Clearly, I look the part. (Sheeeyeah, right.)

Speaking of porn stars, I did interview a few over the weekend, with plans to posting the videos on my blog. Alas, the audio on my excellent chat with Kayden Kross turned out to be so bad that it's unusable, which is too bad because she's a very smart gal (not to mention really stunning in person).

Fortunately, my equally good conversation with newcomer Chanel Preston turned out well. She's a rookie in the business and was nominated (but didn't win) the best new starlet award, and I found she had some good insights on celebrity in general and the future of adult entertainment. Check it out:


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