Friday, January 7, 2011

Beauty and the beast

I'm in the thick of the whirlwind that is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, hence the short posts of late. Just a quick update today on my dinner the other night with the girls and crew of Digital Playground, purveyors of fine adult entertainment. I actually got to the dinner early this year, so I had my choice of where to sit. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to sit with Stoya (pictured): 

Why did I jump? Because she's a smart cookie, and if you're going to sit with strangers for a couple of hours, you might as well hang out with those who can have a decent conversation.

I interviewed Stoya a while back while working on Sex, Bombs and Burgers, and that interview turned out to be my second in 2009. She actually floored me by remembering more of that conversation - especially the parts about whether the porn business exploits women - than I did. My best recollection was that she mocked me for calling her on a landline (who the hell still has those?).

Over the course of the evening, we discussed a couple of topics such as self-publishing books, the dangers of working in "the biz" and the difficulties of renegotiating contracts. She also impressed our table with her paper airplane-making abilities.

I'm interviewing a number of adult industry folks in the next few days and will share some of that in the next week or two.


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