Thursday, September 16, 2010

The iArm frees up a hand for other stuff

One of the side effects of writing a book that deals with porn is that you end up getting press releases from people in the industry. I'm not complaining - they're often far more entertaining than the majority of releases I get, and I don't mean that in a dirty way... they're usually pretty funny, and much more interesting than reading about the latest advance in customer relations management software.

I got a release the other day for a product that isn't necessarily porn-related, but it was sent by a fellow I know in the business who clearly has a great sense of humour. So with no further ado, presenting :

As the release says:

The iArm is the world’s ultimate forearm mount that gives you, well, an extra arm. It attaches to tablet PCs, eReaders, cell phones, dinnerware and more. Just 4.5 lbs. and fully adjustable, the iArm lets you take your favorite gadget with you, and with the optional 'multi-mount,' you can secure up to three items at once.

Alas, the iArm isn't a real product - it's only a joke box intended to mess with the minds of people you want to give gifts to. The idea is, you buy a real gift and put it inside the box. When your giftee unwraps their present and sees the box, they immediately think "WTF," before getting to their real gift. Hilarity ensues throughout.

It should surprise no one that the box is produced by 30 Watt, a company started by former staff members of The Onion. But why did someone in the porn industry send me the release? Well, you may remember that some porn folks didn't think Apple's iPad would be successful among adult entertainment aficionados because it needs to be held with two hands. The iArm, naturally, frees up at least one of those hands for... other purposes. Like, uh, talking on the phone or stirring some pasta.


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