Friday, August 13, 2010

The internet rather than sex? Of course

It's an interesting headline, but one that ultimately makes no sense: "One-third of Canadians would forfeit sex rather than the internet." That's the headline ran for a short item about a survey done by Yahoo on what people would rather give up.

The survey, conducted by Yahoo to commemorate 15 years of operating in Canada, asked people what they would be willing to give up for a year before doing without internet access. Many respondents said they'd rather forfeit chocolates, coffee, alcohol and gadgets.

About 37% of women, though, said they'd rather give up sex, while 30% of men said the same.

The Toronto Sun had a more detailed story, including a criticism of the survey by certified sex educator Cory Silverberg:

It’s ridiculous because life is never an all or nothing proposition... It’s either give up sex for a year or the internet for a year. You can’t compare sex and the internet, although we often do. The internet is for sex, sure, but it also means family, friends, eating, shopping and learning.

It's a good point. I can hardly remember life before the internet. My very first job included a short stint at the Toronto Star in 1997, and there was only one computer in the newsroom that had internet access on it. Being the new kid, I wasn't given much in the way of work in those days, so I was left to amuse myself.

Now imagine having to sit at a desk for eight hours with nothing to do, and no internet access. Exactly. You'd be bored silly, as I was in those days. I think that now, I'd rather take internet access over food and water!


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