Friday, October 1, 2010

Avatar goes triple-X

The highlight of my "interview" with Steel Panther, the parody glam metal band, a few months back had to have been our discussion about Avatar. Guitarist Satchel had some interesting thoughts about whether it would be preferable to have sex with one of the huge blue Na'vi women from Avatar, or one of the little people from The Wizard of the Oz. His inclination was to go for the little people because it would make him, ahem, look bigger.

But as these things often go, jokes have turned into reality. First, Hustler - the masters of parody porn - are it again with This Ain't Avatar XXX. Seeing as James Cameron's movie was largely premised on the main character looking to get some action with one of the Na'vi, it was only a matter of time before the porn guys picked up on it. Here's the safe-for-work trailer:

Oh, but why stop there? Why limit yourself to just watching an X-rated version of Avatar?

Clearly, that's what the people who make the Fleshlight were thinking. The Fleshlight is a male sex toy that is shaped much like a flashlight, hence its name. The big difference is, it's a vagina simulator that has done quite well for Interactive Life Forms, the company that makes it. A number of porn stars have even signed up to have their privates molded into the rubber sleeves that go inside the Fleshlight.

The photo above is pretty much the least graphic one - for better views, head on over to Gizmodo, although you might not want to do so at work.

The only question is: how did they get the mold? Could it have been from the Science of Avatar documentary on the Discovery Channel?


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