Thursday, September 9, 2010

In search of monster food

I've been watching some Man vs. Food on the Outdoor Life Network (Travel Channel in the U.S.) lately. I don't know what it is, but there's something that simultaneously intrigues and repulses me about a guy visiting restaurants that are known for serving ginormous portions of food. As nasty as trying to eat a 12-egg omelette or 5-pound burger sounds, I kind of want to visit some of the places found on the show.

Until then, I'll have to resort to finding my own mega-food joints locally. One place I've frequented on the odd occasion since way back in high school is King Slice, which has the biggest pizza slices I've ever seen. Get a load of this monstrosity, which I had for dinner yesterday:

It's so big it needs two freakin' plates!

The bright side of eating such a big pizza slice is that you don't really need to eat anything else: it's pretty much your dinner. And for $4.25, it's pretty much the cheapest dinner you'll find.

If you're ever in the Bloor West Village area in Toronto, I highly recommend King Slice. Not only is the pizza big, it's also pretty tasty.

Anyone else got any recommendations on where monster portions of food can be found? Photos, please!


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